Meet the Team: Lusaka, Summer 2017

Welcome to our new cohort of Challenges Worldwide International Citizen Service volunteers, or more formally our new team of “Business Support Associates“.  Over the following 3 months, they will be learning professional consulting with Challenges Worldwide and using their new skillset to give support to SMEs across Lusaka, the capital of Zambia.

Let’s take a few minutes to meet Team Lusaka:


Steve Pickett 

Counterpart: Annie Lombe 

Age: 22 years 

Business: Kutowa Designs. Kutowa (a Tumbuka word that means “beautiful and bright”) is a Zambian afro-chic clothing and accessories fashion label which integrates both traditional, African chitenge fabrics with classic westernised fittings. 

Where are you from? Surrey 

What did you do before the programme? Studied product design and worked as consultant 

Please tell us a fun fact about you: I have travelled to 23 different countries  

Why Challenges? After a year of experience working as a Product Design Consultant, I decided that I wanted to see more of the world and better myself before returning to university and completing my final year of studies. Whilst researching my options, I stumbled across The International Citizenship Service programme (ICS). In a mad moment of spontaneity I had signed up, handpicking Challenges Worldwide for its emphasis on personal and sustainable development objectives, offering me the chance to use my existing knowledge and experience to help an SME. 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? To be honest I have enjoyed the challenge of integrating and meeting the entire team, whether they are ICV’s or from the UK. Making friends with the lady who cooks me up some fritters each morning, visiting my counterparts family barbeque event, chilling at the Lodge with the squad, football at UNZA along with the weekly dose of 5-a-side and binball (trademark pending), working with the girls at Kutowa and implementing practical business knowledge has also been fun. I’m looking forward to all the experiences heading my way in the future while I’m here! Shoutout to the best work counterpart Annie who makes me smile every day! 


Sarah Hamilton 

Age: 19 

Counterpart: Annah Chirwa  

Business: Kuthuta Yoga is an SME that offers Hatha Yoga to all within the community. Hatha Yoga is a version of yoga which focuses on body posture and breathing style to help bring peace to the mind and body. Kuthuta promotes fitness and well-being by encouraging yoga practice as regular as possible. Kuthuta Yoga is found in 3 areas of Lusaka, all locations offer a tranquil, calming environment to relax and get fit. 

Where are you from? Leicestershire, UK 

What did you do before the programme? Studying Business & Psychology at Aston University. 

Please tell us a fun fact about you: I can eat a whole Camembert (extremely tasty cheese) shamelessly.  

Why Challenges? I loved Challenges Worldwide’s different approach towards achieving sustainable economic growth and admire that they continue to support this change even once the volunteer cycle ends. I am passionate about being a part of this challenge and was intrigued by their work as it ties in with my business studies back home. I wanted to make the most of my summer this year, and the opportunity to take on the role of a business support associate in another culture excited me, as I like to think my time in Zambia will help implement sustainable plans for future development! I’m thankful that Challenges provide all of their volunteers with the opportunity to obtain a CMI qualification. 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? Truthfully it’s tricky to choose…the Zambian winter is beautiful and warm, the food is freshly grown and tastes delicious, the locals are friendly and work with my counterparts never is a dull day! My CEO is a woman I admire and she treats us to free Yoga! I have met an amazing calibre of people but I adore the daily pearls of wisdom acquired from my counterpart, Annie when commuting to work each day.

Annah Chirwa

Age: 24 

Business: Kuthuta Yoga 

Counterpart: Sarah Hamilton 

Where are you from? I am originally from the eastern province, but currently residing in Lusaka. 

What did you do before the programme? I was working for a mobile phone company as a product consultant while actively looking for another job. 

Please tell us a fun fact about you: Despite the fact that I turned 24 this year, I still love to watch cartoons and sing along to the soundtrack with my niece also known as my little bumblebee.  

Why Challenges? Honestly, I chose Challenges mainly because of my unemployed state. However, I became more interested as I got to know what the program was all about. I love that Challenges recognises the need to support SMEs in developing countries. I am also excited to learn new things and sharpen both my professional and social skills during the program. All in all, I am ecstatic that I get to be part of a great team that promises to bring change and growth in my country.  

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? I like to believe that my placement is the best so far because I get to do free yoga classes, something that I thought I would never ever do. The CEO is great, very chatty. Working with the team is (Annie, Sarah and Steve) is something I look forward to every day. The best team ever!  


Nsofwa Nkaka Tamara 

Age: 24 

Business: Outsource Now, an SME selling ‘Z’POS,’ a piece of opensource software that helps small and medium businesses to track profit, sales and stock in order to better manage their businesses and mitigate losses. 

Counterpart: Lauren Rofe; Elsie Mupeta 

Where are you from? Originally Chingola on the Copperbelt, but moved to Lusaka in 2005.  

What did you do before the programme? I was a student at UNZA, studying Development Studies.  

Please tell us a fun fact about you: I’m the Moana of Zambia.  

Why Challenges? When I first read about Challenges, I saw an opportunity for me to help SMEs develop further, which will be a bonus for the high unemployment rate in Zambia as they would be able to employ especially the youth that are most affected. The fun part was the reality of working with young people like myself that have a different culture and outlook on life which has been an amazing experience so far. 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? Meeting new people, family, friends, and new colleagues at the workplace. It has helped me to become more flexible in life, and to accommodate all my friends’ ideas and views as we work together to make tomorrow brighter than today. 



James Woodroofe

Age: 20

Business: Streetwise Craft Ltd. an SME and NGO which sells unique homemade signs for home decorations and businesses which uses its profits to reach street children in Lusaka, offering them support, training and education to empower them and improve their situation. 

Where are you from? East Sussex 

Counterpart: Joseph 

What did you do before the programme? Student at UEA studying Human Geography and International Development. 

Please tell us a fun fact about you: I’m an uncle to 20 nephews and nieces.  

Why Challenges? When looking at what I wanted to do this summer I was sure I wanted to volunteer abroad. I wanted to submerge myself in a different culture, whilst learning a lot and hopefully doing some good. The thing that worried me the most about this was volunteering with an organisation that do more harm than good, which happens a lot in international development (especially when it comes to young volunteers). Challenges attracted because of its emphasis on sustainable development through economic growth, and the training which volunteers go through prior and during the placement. I chose Challenges because I wanted to make a positive impact in the world which didn’t include building a school or a well, but actually something that could change the economic situation of peoples’ lives. This was why I was even more chuffed when I got placed with Streetwise where I get to see the direct impact the enterprise has on the street children they work with. 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? The best bit of the placement so far has been loving the Zambian life. This includes living with my Aunty Rose in the host home, commuting to work, eating the food and getting to know some of the locals. I would also say getting to know the other volunteers has been fantastic and it’s been great to work as a team with both the Zambian and UK volunteers. 


Seb Leech-Gribben 

Age: 19 

Counterpart: Alex 

Business: ABC Bikes, a small motorbike company, with a charismatic CEO. Based in Lusaka it mainly sells to people in Southern province. Its good customer services, low costs and high quality bikes mean that it is set to take Zambia by storm. 

Where are you from? London 

What did you do before the programme? Student at University of Leeds 

Why Challenges? From an international development point of view, SMEs are a vital way for countries to develop, as they help to tackle monopoly capitalism, deter the reliance on western banks for loans and help the local population gain a sustainable income. 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? The host home’s large garden, allowing me to read a book, whilst listening to BBC world service and hear the chickens clucking away behind me. Eventually I realise that the chickens should not be behind me and I engage on a long chase around the garden, trying to put the chickens back in their coup. The mix of relaxation and pointless exercise is a great way to round off the week after work.   

Alex Tembo 

Age: 25 

Counterpart: Seb 

Business: ABC Bikes, a small but slowly growing country. It is an enterprise that deals with the selling and assembling of motorbikes in various parts of the country. 

Where are you from? Lusaka 

What did you do before the programme? Part time volunteer at Action Aid Zambia 

Please tell us a fun fact about you: I like playing football 

Why Challenges: I wish to be a change agent. I persuaded myself to take part in the programme because change comes from individuals acting to impact the large community. I have always wanted to be the change agent so as to adhere to both personal and societal developments of this country. 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? I like that the workers at ABC bikers are trained so that they understand about motorbikes, and I have been able to learn from them (knowing to handle motorbikes). I wish is to ride a motorbike after the placement because for now they are not risk assessed! 


Lauren Rofe 

Age: 22 

Business: Outsource Now, an SME selling ‘Z’POS,’ a piece of open source software that helps small and medium businesses to track profit, sales and stock in order to better manage their businesses and mitigate losses. 

Where are you from? Epsom, U.K. 

What did you do before the programme? After graduating last July, I’ve spent 6 months working and 6 months travelling.  

Please tell us a fun fact about you: I’m not related to Pocahontas  

Why Challenges? Challenges placements immerse each volunteer in a culturally different professional and personal environment, meaning they provide a unique and valuable experience. Through working with SMEs in particular, Challenges seek to make a sustainable social and economic impact. Whilst I had my reservations about whether this placement might be considered ‘voluntourism,’ I have found my worries lessened by the inspiring passion that in-country Zambian volunteers and businesses owners feel towards the central mission purpose of Challenges Worldwide: to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and SMEs through concentrated business support.   

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? Whilst it sounds like a huge cliché, the weather is unreal here, and it makes knocking off work on a Friday afternoon a total dream. The food is great, and the culture is really vibrant; I went to a local wedding at the end of my first week here and those attending were so lively and passionate. In particular, I’ve loved spending time with lots of different people, both the in-country volunteers and the UK volunteers. I’m hoping that my counterpart, Tamara, and I will be friends for many years to come – bring on a Zambian holiday in the next few years! 



Cameron McIntosh 

Age: 19 

Counterpart: Mwaka Mulavu 

Business: Kasiya Training Centre, where they provide low-cost training to lower income men and women, teaching them skills and opportunities needed for personal growth. 

Where are you from? East London 

What did you do before the programme? I was a maths student at the University of Exeter 

Please tell us a fun fact about you: when I was 11 I was a ball boy for an Arsenal game against FC port o. Ps Arsenal won!  

Why Challenges? I was impressed by how Challenges work with varied businesses in order to positively impact a country both socially and economically. 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? It’s great to spend a large amount of time in a new country, embracing their culture and food – like nshima! In addition, this being the Zambian winter and dry season means it’s been the longest period I haven’t seen rain compared to the UK. 



Kyle Cousins 


Age: 21 

Counterpart: Kapeya 

Business: Kasiya Private School, an SME that aims to provide young working mothers with a safe place to leave their children. They have recently moved into education as well, with classes up to 5th grade now available. 

Where are you from? Glasgow 

What did you do before the programme? Student 

Please tell us a fun fact about you: I once took part in a trapezing course 

Why Challenges? Challenges gives provides a perfect platform to experience a new culture while hopefully being able to make a difference. It allows me the opportunity to meet a plethora of new people that I would never have the chance to otherwise. Finally, it gives me the chance for both professional and personal development.  

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? It has to be the amazing Zambian culture, especially all the great new food I have been able to try in my first 3 weeks. 



Chibamba Kapeya 

Age: 25 

Counterpart: Kyle Cousins 

Business: Kasiya Private School and Daycare services. 

Where are you from? Kabwe  

What did you do before the programme? Unemployed, searching for a job  

Please tell us a fun fact about you: I love singing 

Why Challenges? Challenges provide the opportunity for me to have a hands on experience in the business world for the simple reason that at some point in my life I wish to open, run and grow my own business. Therefore, working with Challenges is a good way for me to help a business grow whilst learning about basic consultancy work. I’m also finding inspiration from the business owners, in terms of how they started their business and what motivates them to keep going.   

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? Learning about UK work and social culture. 


Mwaka Mulavu

Age: 23 

Counterpart: Cameron McIntosh

Business: Kasiya Training Centre, where they provide low-cost training to lower income men and women and teaches them the skills and opportunities they need to grow.

Where are you from? Lusaka 

What did you do before the programme? I was one of those unemployed millennials you hear so much about 

Please tell us a fun fact about you: I want to learn Japanese 

Why Challenges? Because I wanted to do something that would put me out of my comfort zone whilst also be allowing me to help the local community. The work experience doesn’t hurt either. 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? Trying to understand why the UK volunteers are so weird. 




Annie Mulenga Lombe 

Age: 24 

Counterpart: Steve Pickett 

Business: Kutowa Designs, a fashion label for women and men based on the concept of classic and timeless garments, inspired by the lifestyle of contemporary explorers and people on the move.  

Where are you from? Lusaka, Zambia 

What did you do before the programme? Studying for my Bachelor degree in Law 

Please tell us a fun fact about you: I know it’s supposed to be impossible but I can lick my elbow… it’s true. 

Why Challenges? As I was considering volunteer organizations, I discovered that Challenges enables one to work with in-country and UK volunteers coming from a whole different culture. I wished not only to involve myself in the community but also to see things from the perspective of both national and non-national citizens. I also discovered that being placed on this program would help build my personal and professional skills, therefore being an advantage for my curriculum as I would have the insider knowledge and awareness of potentially contentious issues that I may not necessarily have been aware of before. I knew this would inevitably open my mind to consider new ideas and interpretations. 

What’s the best part of your placement so far? Being placed in Kutowa meant having access to free Yoga sessions whenever there is one. Experiencing Yoga has helped me realize just how much I can do with my body in terms of muscle strength and tone. Staying with the girls (Sarah, Tamara and Lauren) every day has obviously been the most exciting. Not forgetting Steve Pickett, my work counterpart who makes sure we work towards excellence. 


Jack Miller 

Age: 22 

Counterparts: Mukela Muhyila S. and James Parry 

Business: Greenfields Energy – Providing solar energy solutions to commercial and corporate customers in Zambia. Greenfields help to bridge the power gap during frequent electricity shortages and pave the way for clean, renewable energy in Africa. 

Where are you from? Co. Armagh, Ireland 

What did you do before the programme? I just finished my 4th year studying Engineering at University of Bristol 

Please tell us a fun fact about you: I’m part Irish, Uruguayan, Russian and Romanian  

Why Challenges? Challenges offers a unique opportunity to make a positive impact in a developing economy and experience day to day life in a different country. This approach to international development, where volunteers help SMEs to grow and contribute to the economy, seems the most sustainable and beneficial.   

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? The food! Whether you’re feasting on a big braai at Matebeto BBQ market, grabbing some beef and chabwawa for lunch or sneaking in an after work fritter on the walk home – one thing is always certain, it’ll all be washed down with endless mounds of nshima. 


Mukela S. Muhyila  

Age: 25 

Counterparts: Jack Miller and James Parry  

Business: Greenfields Energy –  a small clean energy company that provides solar products and solar solutions to households, farmers, churches, government institutions and others. It is certainly on the way to achieving big things. 

Where are you from? Lusaka, Zambia 

What did you do before the programme? Growing my small import and supply business, worked for Marychim trading as admin manager and as a volunteer for Zambia Rugby Football Union. 

Please tell us a fun fact about you:  I LOVE to sing and dance… 😀 

Why Challenges? Presents an opportunity experience something new and make a positive impact on myself and my community. 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? Meeting new people and experiencing varied perspectives. 




Kathryn Stewart

Age: 21 

Counterpart: Newton Mwale 

Business: Edulution, a social enterprise which focuses on improving foundational numeracy using a technology-enabled model to deliver effective and affordable education for all. 

Where are you from? Aylesbury 

What did you do before the programme? Student  

Why Challenges? I was keen to be exposed to another culture in an immersive way and to have a meaningful project within the context. Challenges seemed to be a very considered approach to achieving this, whilst minimising the extent to which the program could be considered voluntourism. I felt the approach was the most likely of all such charities I came across to have a lasting positive impact. 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? The people I have met: the other volunteers (both in-country volunteers and UK), our host home families, our business owners and employees and many exceptionally friendly Zambians. 


Rhys Munsch 


Age: 19 

Counterpart: Myante 

Business: Omega Foods, an SME that is manufacturing a nutritional porridge mix made out of 5 different super healthy grains; rice, wheat, maize, millet and sorghum! With nutritional health being relatively low in Zambia there is a great opportunity for this product and brand to expand. Omega Foods is extremely enthusiastic about providing this healthy porridge mix to local Zambian people along with other products Omega Foods produce! 

Where are you from? Eastbourne, East Sussex  

What did you do before the programme? I was studying for my A levels before the program! 

Please tell us a fun fact about you: I am fluent in French ☺ 

Why Challenges? I was actually told about Challenges through a friend and the feedback I got from them was so interesting that it actually made me go home, do my own research and immediately apply for the placement! The main thing that interested me about Challenges was the way in which the programme is set out; it’s a business placement, a study opportunity, helping local businesses, living in another country for 3 months and experiencing a new culture and meeting new people for a summer, what’s not to find intriguing about that! 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? The best bit of the placement for me so far has to be the people and food! I have met some amazing people here and it’s extremely fun and positively challenging to try and adapt to a completely new culture in a short amount of time; the food is also amazing, that’s just a bonus to the amount of fun I’m having here in Zambia! 



Name: Joseph Zulu 


Age: 25 

Business: Streetwise Craft Ltd., an SME and NGO that sells unique homemade signs, crafts, furniture and frames. It uses its profits to reach street children, offering them support, training and education to empower them and improve their situation. 

Where are you from? Lusaka, Zambia. 

What did you do before the programme? Graduated from UNZA, with a Bachelor of Arts with Education, did an internship with FODEP and ECZ then Worked as a Tutor for Brains Academy. 

Please tell us a fun fact about you: I Love Boxing. 

Why Challenges? Challenges offered me an all in one package. I have volunteered to help SMEs grow as a business and at the same time, I am gaining the much-needed experience to grow as a person professionally, socially, culturally, financially (financial discipline) and morally. My enterprise placement came as a bonus (icing on the cake) as it offers social services that I am so passionate about. Its social impact involves helping street children by offering them support, training, education, clothing and food to help improve their situation. 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? I’m loving the experience and the adjustments that have come with it. Am enjoying the cross-cultural set up of the placement that is working, socializing and staying with people from different cultural setups. I love my enterprise and the work it does both as a business and NGO, making signs and doing outreaches respectively has been the best part of this placement so far. 



Dayo Monsuru 


Age: 21 

Business: Shopzed, an online grocery delivery service. 

Where are you from? London, UK 

What did you do before the programme? Studying Economics undergrad

Please tell us a fun fact about you: I’m an avid Pluviophile 

Why Challenges? I believe in the different approach CW is taking in the continuous global strive to alleviate poverty. By empowering small enterprises who create new employment opportunities and contribute significantly in stimulating economic growth, countries will be able to achieve better sustainable economic growth, higher employment and a rising standard of living. 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? Experiencing daily life in a new culture, meeting people from different walks of life whom otherwise our paths may have never crossed and the opportunity to work with an innovative SME that is Shopzed.


Newton Mwale 


Age: 24 

Counterpart: Katie Stewart 

Business: Edulution 

Where are you from? Ndola 

What did you do before the programme? I was a student 

Please tell us a fun fact about you: (I sometimes dance in the shower) 

Why Challenges? From the start, I knew that this programme was appropriate for me to develop my business skills. The timing was good because I heard about the programme just after completing my university studies and I needed to work, even if it was voluntary. 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? I feel that the whole placement has been awesome so far. The wonderful association with both the UKVs and ICVs gave me some in-depth knowledge of how other people live. Further, I like the technical training I am receiving at my workplace because I see this as an opportunity to enhance my computer skill. 


Myante Sinkonde 

Age: 25 

Counterpart: Rhys Munsch 

Business: Omega Foods; This is an enterprise that specializes in the manufacturing of natural and highly nutritious food products. The enterprise is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of citizens through appropriate nutrition. 

Where are you from? Zambia 

What did you do before the programme? Helped students with academic projects 

Please tell us a fun fact about you:  One day I was having a meal from the Restaurant while disturbed, there was a bottle on the table and I thought it was water minus knowing it was vinegar, got it and filled up my gob, they were girls who sat opposite my table and I didn’t want anyone to notice, I was forced to swallow a pint of vinegar.  

Why Challenges? I believe in the world of equality where men and women live in harmony and work together to eradicate poverty and promote sustainable development. Working with Challenges Worldwide will help me archive those goals because I will be working with a team which is oriented and driven towards that purpose. 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? If I picked one of the moments or part of the placement to be my best, I would be lying. Every second of my placement has been amazing and a life changing experience. Am grateful to be part of this global family which is championing the fight against poverty and promotion of environmental friendly mode of production in order to attain the SDGs.


James Parry 


Age: 22 

Business: Greenfields Energy: a provider of solar energy and water irrigation solutions.       

Where are you from? Wilmslow, Cheshire 

What did you do before the programme? Was working as a tree surgeon (professional stick picker) 

Why Challenges? Having graduated a year previously, before starting full-time work I wanted to expand my cultural horizons long before becoming a pensioner, which at this rate might be when I reach 75! I was certain that I wanted to gain some professional experience, volunteer and travel – Challenges Worldwide seemed to kill three birds with one stone. Challenges appealed to me because it supports small- and medium-sized enterprises which have a positive social impact, acting as a sustainable solution to address poverty. 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? There have been many highlights to choose from. Watching the ICVs perform and dance for us on the first night; going to Matebeto for nshima, steak and vegetables with my enterprise; mashing up the airwaves of Lusaka on an overflowing bus (‘BABO!’); befriending strangers whilst playing football; discovering that fritters are only 1 kwacha; or speaking to enthusiastic residents who shout ‘Muzungu!’ at me. 


Mweetwa Tevin 


Age: 22 

Business: Shopzed, a multi-vendor website that allows different products to be sold in one place.   

Counterpart: Dayo  

Where are you from? Kabwe central province 

What did you do before the programme? Phone agent for the phone shop  

Please tell us a fun fact about you: I am an outgoing person like to discover new things within the environment. 

Why Challenges? Firstly, and to be honest, I was jobless, and when I heard about Challenges it seemed to be an interesting platform to acquire different skills and be able to challenge myself to do different tasks and to learn about different working cultures. 

What is the best bit of your placement so far? Acquiring new knowledge, hanging out with UK volunteers, getting to know more about their life style and work culture. 


Mupeta Owen Elsie 


Age: 24 

Business: Outsource Now, an SME selling ‘Z’POS,’ a piece of open source software that helps small and medium businesses to track profit, sales and stock in order to better manage their businesses and mitigate losses. 

Counterpart: Cameron 

Where are you from? Born in Chingola  

What did you do before the programme? Worked for a mining company  

Please tell us a fun fact about you: I love plaiting my sister’s hair  

Why Challenges? Challenges gives an awesome platform for all of its volunteers to impact their society in a positive way. Being part of Challenges is a win-win situation for both the volunteer and the enterprise one has been placed. I, as a volunteer, develop personally. For example, it has helped me to manage my finances in an extraordinary way that I never used to do before. Again, it will help me develop professionally, acquiring skills that I did not have. Finally, the enterprise benefits by receiving volunteers who practically are “free”. 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? Meeting new people, and getting to hear their point of view. 


Tabitha Dambanemuya 


Age: 28 

Role: Team Leader

Counterpart: Munsanje 

Businesses: Greenfields Energy, Edulution, Kuthuta Yoga and Kutowa Designs, ABC Bikes and Outsource Now 

Where are you from? York 

What did you do before the programme? Worked as an Applications Officer for  a charity called Family Fund  

Please tell us a fun fact about you: I love singing 

Why Challenges? International volunteering has always been an area I’ve wanted to explore. After searching through different organisations, I found Challenges Worldwide to be an organisation that appealed to me the most. As an organisation, it thrives on practising inclusiveness and giving people opportunities to become the best person they can be. It also operates on a clear cut strategy that looks to support and improve local economies in developing countries. With this opportunity, I look forward to exploring my strengths, apply my experience and knowledge on this placement. On the other hand, I intend to work on my weaknesses, learn more about the international development world on a practical level, improve my business knowledge and allow myself to be open minded to opportunities. Not only that, I wish to use this opportunity to meet new people, work cross-culturally and enjoy the whole experience. 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? My highlight on this placement has been having great conversations in my host home at the dinner table.


Munsanje Muzuni 

Age: 25 

Role: Team Leader 

Businesses: Outsource Now, Greenfields Energy, Edulution, ABC Bikes, Kuthuta Yoga and Kutowa Designs 

Where are you from? Kabwe, Central Zambia 

What did you do before the program? I was TL on the previous cycle 

Please tell us a fun fact about you: I love choirs and I can sing bass   

Why Challenges? It’s so far the best model for a charity to impact a developing economy and I’m humbled to be part of it. It gives me an opportunity to value and appreciate not only my input in problem-solving, but also other peoples input because it helps me realise how inadequate I am. Challenges also help me appreciate other cultures but more so my culture, when I see how people from other cultures are intrigued with the things I easily neglect and see to be simple. 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? Living in a host home, with everyone being strangers at the beginning and just building a relationship and finding that we actually have a lot in common regardless of our different backgrounds. 



Nou Nou (Nourhan Naouar) 

Age: 27 

Role: Team Leader 

Businesses: Kasiya Training, Kasiya School, ShopZed and Streetwise  

Counterpart: Professor Kondwani  

Where are you from? London  

What did you do before the programme? Working as a project manager at a charity for young people with disabilities.   

Please tell us a fun fact about you: I’m on the front cover of a children’s book magazine 🙂 

Why Challenges? Why not Challenges is the question?! Challenges is a brilliant example of inclusive and positive volunteering. The level of inclusion offered and delivered through Challenges is how Challenges stand out from the rest. From training to the end of the placement cycle, inclusion is emphasised, practised, experienced and delivered; it is just one aspect of this programme that gives volunteers priceless life skills from paying bills to climbing emotional hills, bargaining and most importantly building strong will. Challenges spills positive impact into communities through providing opportunities for volunteers, businesses and the community. It’s truly beautiful to witness volunteers and businesses develop and achieve. I initially chose Challenges to focus on personal development and to utilise my skills in a different environment. This has quickly unfolded into much more than just this…and the journey continues 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? Seeing smiles on volunteers faces when telling stories of their experiences in Lusaka. Also, people watching…watching the bus conductors get their hustle on… 


Kondwani Happy Ngoma 


Age: 24 

Role: Team Leader 

Counterpart: Nourhan Naouar 

Businesses: Kasiya Training Center, Kasiya School, ShopZed and Streetwise. 

Where are you from? Lusaka, Zambia 

What did you do before the programme? I served as a volunteer for Challenges Worldwide and I’m now a Team Leader. 

Please tell us a fun fact about you: I am of view there is beauty & strength in slip ups though I’m yet to conquer my phobia of swimming following a slip into a trench as a kid – could do with a push 🙂 

Why Challenges? It is definitely a perfect platform to be part of something bigger than myself. Having served as a volunteer for the last cycle, I’ve come to learn the ropes and witness firsthand the impact Challenges has had in empowering young people and enterprises. It has enabled me to not only continuously learn and grow as a person but also appreciate the profound change one can have in the local & global community when values and tools that centre around equal opportunity are espoused. 

What’s the best bit of your placement so far? Working with young people with great talent and the motivation to make a difference. It’s infused me with a great sense of enthusiasm and optimism about the future. 


 Thank you Team Lusaka, good luck with your work to support these exciting Lusaka-based enterprises!