Challenges Wolrdwide Community Skills Training Day at Lusaka Youth Resource Centre

Challenges worldwide impact day in Lusaka, Zambia was held on the 1st of August 2017 at the Lusaka Youth Resource Center (LYRC). The LYRC is a vocational training school that offers various skills training to youths in Lusaka. The challenges team was granted an opportunity to talk to approximately 270 students. The center currently offers courses such as tailoring, electronics and entrepreneurship.

The day started on a very light note, we did not know what to expect or if the students would receive us with open arms. To our own relief it was a fun filled day with the volunteers teaching, explaining and engaging the LYRC students in the various activities that we had not so adequately prepared for. Challenges volunteers focused on four key areas and these included Marketing, Active Citizenship, Interview Skills and Team Building.

Kapeya and Dayo talked about the importance of Marketing to businesses. The students were very interactive and seemed eager to learn new things. This class had approximately forty-two students with the majority of these being male. Marketing covered a lot of other things like branding, trade marking, marketing mix and competitor analysis.

The second group of volunteers spoke about Active Citizenship and it consisted of Mwaka, Seb and Kyle. They explained the definition of an active citizen and the benefits that come from it.  Volunteering on the ICS program was one of the examples they discussed about. The volunteers were thorough in their explanations. The session did not leave out the importance of social and environmental impacts businesses should have on their countries.

On interview skills Annie, Mukela, Joseph, Katie and Alex touched on appearance, conduct and questions to expect and answering them in the appropriate manner. To make the session interactive role plays were carried out with the inclusion of the students.  This topic had the students very interested and eager and had most of them admitting to having performed terribly at previous interviews. To spice things up, the volunteers opted to ask the students questions using the interview format.

Lastly, Steven and Sarah carried out an activity orientated session on Team Building. Students were divided into 6 groups and had to build a giraffe using supplied limited resources (newspapers and plastic-tape). The students realized that the task came with obstacles they had to tackle together as a team. The essence of the task was mostly to teach planning, team work and adaptability. The volunteers managed to keep this light hearted by crowing the winner of best giraffe.

All in all, the impact day was a success as the challenges team did more than anticipated. We are grateful to the LYRC for giving us the space and time to interact with their students. Surely, as a team and facilitators, we learnt a lot from this platform.