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Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 5: Professional Consulting

The Level 5 qualifications in Professional Consulting are designed for practising middle managers and those aspiring to senior management who want to develop their core management skills, such as managing resources, recruitment and information management.

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  • Professional membership to the Chartered Managment Institute (CMI) 
  • Access to ManagementDirect, your personal online portal of management and leadership resources and interactive learning, aligned to your qualification objectives, including, checklists, videos, articles and e-books.
  • The opportunity to work towards Chartered Manager status, the highest accolade in the management profession and awarded only by CMI.
  • Networking at any of our events around the UK or via the online community, including regional conferences, bespoke webinars and industry speakers.
  • Access to CMI’s research and insight content.
  • The opportunity to be a part of CMI Mentoring, an online coaching and mentoring programme that matches experienced managers and leaders with those looking to develop skills and knowledge.

Course Structure

  • For our Management and Leadership qualifications, you will be given a workbook for each unit, which contains all of the learning theory and self-reflection activities that you need to cover the syllabus for the qualification.
  • When you are ready, you can begin the assessments, which you complete in your own time (with a six-week deadline).
  • Once your assessments have been marked and moderated, you will have successfully attained the qualification.
  • You will become accredited and sent a certificate for your achievement.
  • You can then look to attain the Diploma and work towards becoming a Chartered Manager if that is something you would aspire to.
  • For the duration of your qualification, you will be a registered member of the Chartered Management Institute, which includes access to their Management Direct portal, with a huge wealth of additional learning resources. Please refer to the document attached to the full membership benefits.
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Level 5 Leadership & Management (QCF)

  • This unit is about using, presenting and communicating data that supports decision making

    • Be able to identify and select sources of data and information
    • Be able to analyse and present information to support decision making
    • Be able to communicate information that supports decision making
  • The unit is about the management of individual and team performance and how to improve performance

    • Be able to identify and agree on performance objectives for your team and individuals
    • Be able to assess performance against objectives and provide feedback
    • Be able to provide advice and guidance to support to improve performance
    • Be able to apply the organisation’s disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • This unit is about meeting stakeholder requirements to agreed quality standards seeking improvements

    • Understand how to identify stakeholders and their requirements
    • Understand how to apply and improve quality standards
    • Be able to conduct a quality audit
    • Understand how to promote continuous improvement and change
  • This unit is about financial management systems and controls and the impact of external factors on organisational and financial management

    • Understand how to control a financial system
    • Be able to identify and use a range of financial controls
    • Understand the sources and availability of finance to an organisation
  • This unit is about understanding projects, developing project plans and ensuring projects achieve objectives with targets

    • Be able to identify the components of project stages and lifecycle
    • Understand project methodologies and their application
    • Be able to develop a project plan, identify and mitigate risks
    • Be able to construct a monitor and review strategy
  • This unit is about understanding and applying leadership skills and the understanding of ethical and cultural issues within the organisation

    • Understand an organisation’s ethical and value-based approach to leadership
    • Understand leadership styles
    • Understand the leadership skills required to ensure team involvement and achievement of objectives
  • This unit is about understanding risk, assessing risk, implementing and evaluating risk management activities

    • Understand the concept of risk management
    • Understand the identification of risk and risk probability
    • Be able to manage risk response

A Certificate is at least 13 credits. 5003 is compulsory and 5002 is highly recommended.

A Diploma is at least 38 credits. 5003 and 5002 are compulsory.